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Brompton Frame Protection Film | DIY KIT | Mud Guard


Fits all models and sizes, our Brompton Frame Protection Film | DIY KIT | Mud Guard is design to provide full protection for the mud guard while enhancing its aesthetics at the same time.

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Introducing RIKESHIELD Premium Paint Protection film from renowned Japanese OEM.

RIKESHIELD has excellent hydrophobic finish and cooler shades compared to other PPF brands. Wrapping on white surface will not cause color differences. Most impressive is the film’s self-healing properties. You won’t need to polish or buff your bicycle. Just put the bike under the sun for a while, all the fine hairline scratches will disappear.


Special high durability raw material realized to keep performance under long-term outdoor.


Make your paint surface very slick. Water rolls off the surface when your car or bicycle is in motion.


Superior quality polyurethane realized to heal the film scratch when heat the film surface above 90℃.


Antipollution coating protects the adhesion from dirt and exerts the decontamination performance.

RIKESHIELD offers an impressive nominal thickness of just 1mm, which is so thin you won’t even be able to see that it’s there. Our RIKESHIELD Bicycle Paint Protection Kits offers all of the benefits of a premium PPF product, for a more affordable price. This make it a very welcome addition to any bike. In terms of weight, there is no notable difference with or without the film.

With a tensile breaking strength of (N/15mm) = 93.8 and a breaking elongation of 458%, RIKESHIELD is the preferred choice of PPF for bicycles. Tensile breaking strength is the maximum amount of force that the film is able to withstand when it’s pulled. High tensile strength is extremely important when installing Paint Protection film on bicycles due to the many sharp curves and tight bends of the frame. 

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Specific Length

5cm x 300cm, 5cm x 500cm, 10cm x 300cm, 10cm x 500cm


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