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Porsche | Interior Protection Kit


RIKESHIELD Porsche | Interior Protection Kit. Suitable for all Porsche models, sub-models and series.

Available in Glossy finish, product covers:

  • Center Console
  • Center Display
  • Instrument Panel
  • Door Trims

Disclaimer: All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary for different sub-models and series.

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RIKESHIELD has excellent hydrophobic finish and cooler shades compared to other Paint Protection Films. Wrapping on white surface will not cause color differences.

Most impressive is the film’s self-healing properties. You won’t need to polish or buff your vehicle. Just park it under the sun for a while, all the fine hairline scratches will disappear.

Introducing RIKESHIELD Paint Protection film from renowned Japanese OEM.


Superior quality polyurethane film heals from scratches when heat is applied.

High Weatherability

Special high durability film performs under long-term outdoor conditions.

Water Repellent

Water rolls off the slick surface when your car is in motion.

Stain Resistant

Coating protects the adhesion from dirt and exerts high decontamination performance.


RIKESHIELD offers an impressive nominal thickness of just 1mm, which is so thin you won’t even be able to see that it’s there. Our RIKESHIELD Paint Protection Kits offers all of the benefits needed to perfectly complement any vehicle. In terms of weight, there is no notable difference with or without the film.

With a tensile breaking strength of (N/15mm) = 93.8 and a breaking elongation of 458%, RIKESHIELD is the preferred choice of film. Tensile breaking strength is the maximum amount of force that the film is able to withstand when it’s pulled. High tensile strength is extremely important when installing Paint Protection film on cars and motorcycles due to the many curves and bends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Car Care

Wait 48 hours after installation to wash your vehicle. Remove insect or other stains as soon as possible. Avoid using a pressure washer or high-pressure water source near the edges of the film, it can cause the film to lift and/or become damaged.

Film Care

Stubborn stains can be removed with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Take care to keep these chemicals off the vehicle’s paint. Light scratches in the film will self-heal in 20-30 minutes at room temperature. In colder conditions, or to accelerate the process, pour warm water (120°F) over the affected area. Detailing Clay can be used to remove contaminants that are on the film

Is the film permanent?

Film uses a unique adhesive that keeps the film adhered tightly to the frame but is not permanent. Recommended to remove on 3rd/4th year for front half and full wrap on paintwork due to very sunny weather. The film adhesive may be difficult to remove in due course.

How to replace the film?

The film should only be removed by RIKESHIELD specialists to reduce risk of damaging paintwork. Any adhesive remaining on the frame will then be removed with a special cleaner designed to remove adhesive. New RIKESHIELD Paint Protection Film can then be installed on the cleaned surface.

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718, 911 (991), 911 (992), 911 (997), 918 Spyder, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera, Taycan


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